With over 62 million people, Indonesian youth is accountable for 26% of the country's population. Indonesian UN Intern Association (IUNIA) serves as a platform to connect young Indonesian with internship opportunities at United Nations agencies across the world.


To increase international exposure for young Indonesians and amplify the  role of Indonesian youth in representing Indonesia on a global platform.


Empower young Indonesians who aspire to gain international internship experience by providing essential guide and support related to United Nations.


IUNIA is an inclusive network of former, current, and soon to be Indonesian interns at the United Nations.

As young agents of change, young Indonesians should have the skills and experience that can make them well-equipped to compete among global youth. IUNIA was made with a purpose to fill this gap, to empower the youth of Indonesia through the spirit of collective growth 

Hillary Bakrie, Founder 


Hillary Bakrie


MS in Global Affairs, New York University

UN Global Compact, UN Office of Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, 

New York

Isabella Veronica

MA in International Affairs, George Washington University

United Nations Development Program, United Nations Office of Project Services, DC

Yosafat Simbolon

Master of Finance, Australian National University

Economic Affairs Intern at the United Nations HQ, New York

Gustika Jusuf Hatta

BA in War Studies,

King's College London

Permanent Mission of Indonesia, 

New York

Arimbi Yogasara


Ms in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution,

Columbia University

Permanent Mission of Indonesia, 

New York

Sarah Abigail Pardede


Bs in International Political Economy,

Fordham University

Permanent Mission of Indonesia, 

New York

Yasmin Afina


LL.M. in International Humanitarian Law
and Human Rights, Geneva Academy



Iman El-Hassan


Master in International Affairs,
Columbia University

UN SDSN Youth, Permanent Mission of Indonesia, 

New York

Deandra Madeena


MA Intelligence and International Security,

King’s College London

International Atomic Energy Agency,


Andhyta Utami


Master in Public Policy,

Harvard University

United Nations Framework Convention

on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Bonn

Geneva Damayanti


Master of International Public Affairs 

Hong Kong University

2017 YPP Graduate, Public Information Officer United Nations NY

Nouvindri Aji


Master of Law,

Georgetown University

Litigation Extern,

World Bank Washington DC

Carrisa Tehputri


BA in Public Policy,

New York University

Permanent Mission of Indonesia, 

New York

Rahmad Supriyanto


Master in Sustainable Agriculture and

Food Security, Newcastle University

JPO Roster for Food Security and Nutrition at Food and Agriculture of the UN (FAO).

Matthew Evan


BA in International Relations,

University of Pelita Harapan

Permanent Mission of Indonesia, 

New York

Angeline Callista


MS in Social Policy and Development,

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok

Marco Nainggolan


Bachelor Candidate

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg

Permanent Mission of Indonesia, 

New York

Fandi Achmad


Master of Public Policy

University of Michigan

Economics Research and Statistics Division (ERSD), World Trade Organization (WTO), Geneva

Raissa Siswanto

BA Candidate in International Relations,

University of Pelita Harapan

Permanent Mission of Indonesia, 

New York

Syahid Derajat


MPA Candidate

Cornell University

International Labor Organization,


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