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IUNIA Mentorship Program








Q: "What if my academic background is not International Relations (IR)?"

A: UN jobs vary between roles and sector, therefore a lot of the employees that work in the UN have other backgrounds instead of IR. Similiar to UN jobs, UN internships are also open to people from various academic background and focus. Many of our mentors majored in Engineering, Business, to War Studies.  So, don't hesitate if you did not take IR as your major!


Q: "Can we still apply if we have a Diploma instead of a Bachelor degree?"

A: Most UN internships require the applicants to be an undergraduate or graduate student or a fresh graduate. You can still apply for the internship positions if they do not list down any degree requirement on the job post. 


Q: "How will the mentors meet the mentee?"

A: The mentoring session will be done virtually.


Q: "Do we have to pay for the mentorship?"

A: No, it's completely free. IUNIA does not charge for our mentorship program.


Q: "Do I need to provide my TOEFL or IELTS score to apply for the mentorship?"

A: No, but feel free to list them down if you have taken it.


Q: "In what language should I submit my essay?"

A: It should be in English, as it is one of the official UN languages.


Q: "I don't have any published Essay for my mentorship application, what do I do?"

A: Feel free to share us your best writing, whether it's an essay for school or a blog post, we'd love to see them!


Q: "How long is the selection process of the mentorship?"

A: The mentorship program will start in Sept 2018


Q: "How long does it take to get accepted for a UN internship?"

A: The time varies, depending on the UN office and the role you applied for.  The average process takes 1-2 months, however, our experiences told us that it could go as fast as 2 weeks and as long as 6 months.


Q: "Are we guaranteed to get an internship at the UN?"

A: The IUNIA Mentorship Program is intended to help you be the best candidate for the role you're applying for. Joining our mentorship program does not guarantee you an internship at the UN. The of the UN internship selection process is fair and transparent, and the selection decision lies in the hand of the UN offices itself — not IUNIA.​



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