Where to Find UN Internship?

If you are not familiar with the UN internship, it's good to know that finding internship postings are not as hard as it seem to be. There are 3 ways for you to find UN internship opportunities:

UN Career Portal

The UN Career Portal offers a large database of available intern position in the UN system from various UN offices and agencies. Use their Job Openings section and put "Internship" under the Category box.

UN Agencies Websites

Some UN Agencies will post their internship directly on their website, these agencies include:

University Partnership

Some universities often partner with the United Nations for internship opportunities for their students. Check to your academic center if your university offers such program.

The Indonesian Mission to the United Nations

The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations is the representative of Indonesia interest and activism in the United Nations. There are two offices of The Indonesian Mission, which are located in both New York and Geneva. The Mission occasionally offers internship opportunities for Indonesian students both studying abroad and in Indonesia.

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