World Bank Opportunities: Introduction

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

"The relationship between the World Bank and the United Nations is

governed by the agreement entered into by the two organizations in

1947. This agreement made the World Bank a specialized agency of the

United Nations, while recognizing it as an independent international


As one of the world's largest IGO and an independent institution within the United Nations systems, the World Bank also holds a crucial role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals — particularly the goal to eradicate poverty.

Just like the UN, the World Bank Group also offers several career opportunities. For Instance, WBG Young Professional Program, WBG Analyst Program and IFC Investment Analyst Program, and Internship. In addition, young professional also can apply several positions for Short-Term-Consultant from the official WBG website. More importantly, you could also participate in numerous WBG-IMF conferences such as WB-IMF Annual Meeting and Spring Meeting.

Read more details about World Bank opportunities for young people here before you tune into our Live Discussion about World Bank opportunities.


The article and presentation was prepared by Nouvindri Adji, former intern at the World Bank Group and a guest contributor of IUNIA . Feel free to drop your comment and questions to

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